A month after his repeat bypass heart surgery, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is now fit to resume his work, doctors attending on him said. "The Prime Minister's four weeks recovery time is over. Four weeks mean there is good amount of healing. He is now more or less independent and he can resume work," Dr. Vijay D'silva, ICU specialist and one of the doctors from Asian Heart Institute attending on Singh said. Singh underwent a 'redo' coronary artery bypass surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on January 24 as doctors removed five blockages in his heart. He was discharged from the hospital on February 1. The sternum bone, (chest or breastbone) which helps to protect lungs, heart and major blood vessels from physical trauma, was cut open to gain access to the thoracic contents while performing the 14-hour long cardiothoracic surgery, has also been "fixed", he said. As per the norms to be followed by such patients, the Prime Minister will now be on diet restrictions and will have to undergo physiotherapy and exercises for another one week. "He is already a vegetarian and initially he was put on diet that would give him strength to recover from the strain of the surgery. Now, he will have restrictions in diet and avoid things high on cholesterol. However, this is not needed because he is always diet conscious," D'silva said. Doctors attending on the Prime Minister removed all his stitches on February 8. While some were removed the previous day, others were removed on Sunday. The stitches were removed by Dr. Ramakant Panda, the surgeon from Mumbai's Asian Heart Institute who had led the team of doctors which performed the successful operation. "In another one month he will be completely independent," D'Silva added.