LAHORE - To expand the affordable and safe channels through which local businesses, households and schools can obtain high-quality used PCs in Pakistan, Microsoft has initiated the country's first Registered Refurbisher program with the support of 20 partner computer refurbishers. The Registered Refurbisher program follows Microsoft's worldwide commitment to provide relevant, accessible and affordable technology to underserved communities through its Unlimited Potential initiative. Under this initiative Microsoft's Registered partners will be able to sell refurbished PCs with genuine Microsoft software pre-installed at a price starting from Rs 8900. "Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program creates economic opportunities for both our partners and our customers," said Ali Habollah, Middle East and Africa regional General Manager of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group. "Customers in Pakistan are right to be concerned about the quality, reliability, support, and risk of counterfeit or unlicensed software when buying a used computer in Pakistan," said Rizwan Yousaf, CEO, Al-Aziz Computers. "Our participation in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program assures our customers that the refurbished PCs we sell are genuine, high-quality cost effective and backed by a warranty. According to a local IT magazine, the average price of a brand new PC reported by local assemblers and retailers has increased up to 20 per cent during the last year. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers provide refurbished PCs starting from Rs 8900 with genuine Microsoft software, access to future Microsoft software update and downloads and the peace of mind that comes with after-sales support from authorized partners and a six-month warranty. In addition, the program will aim to cut down on environmental impact of e-waste by providing customers with the option to recycle the PCs when they reach the end of their useful life. By participating in Microsoft's Registered Refurbisher program in Pakistan, local refurbishers can grow their business selling a reliable, affordable PC solution to new customers with a genuine Windows XP operating system preinstalled. The program also provides partners with marketing support and access to tools that simplify Windows XP deployment on refurbished PCs, including software activation and meeting secure data standards. Microsoft will continue its efforts worldwide to foster vibrant local markets in order to meet the goal set by the Unlimited Potential initiative - to reach the next 1b people who are not yet realizing the benefits of technology by 2015.