ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has assured that the US will help Pakistan in this time of difficulty. She said this while talking to President Asif Ali Zardari by telephone on Saturday, reported a private TV channel. President Zardari is currently on a visit to China. Appreciating the counter-terrorism steps being taken by Pakistan, Hillary Clinton said Pakistan is heading in the right direction in connection with war on terror. As Pakistan and Afghanistan prepared to contribute their own ideas here next week to Obama Administration's review of policy towards the two countries, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged a multifaceted effort to stabilize the region with the additional troops for Afghanistan being just one part of the future strategy. "I can guarantee you that we are looking at every single one of those questions. We did have the President order 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, but that's only a part of what the eventual strategy will be," she told reporters Friday en route to South Korea halfway her first overseas visit. The chief US diplomat responded by recognising that it was important that US understood how to build as well rebuild its position and credibility, and figure out to produce results for people. But we hope to have that review done by the end of March, she added. By vowing a multifarious way forward along the Pak-Afghan border, that has seen a tough Taliban insurgency in the last two years, Clinton echoed President Barack Obama's call in Ottawa, Canada on Thursday that the anti-terrorism allies must step up diplomacy and development in the region. Meanwhile, according to the State Department Friday, the purpose for Pakistani and Afghan delegations' participation in high-level consultations in Washington "is to provide input into our review policy." The Pakistani delegation, led by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and their Afghan counterparts will meet with the US review panel separately as well as take part in a combined trilateral meeting. In her remarks en route South Korea, Hillary Clinton also said part of the reason President Barack Obama's administration was having an Afghanistan-Pakistan review was that it saw the two South Asian neighbouring countries as interconnected. "And any decision in one affects our prospects and the prospects of peace and stability in the other, so we are very aware of the fact that we have to look at both of them. "And we have asked that both countries contribute ideas and personnel to our policy review, because we want them to be part of what our eventual strategic assessment is going to be. And they've both agreed to do that, she advocated. With respect to Swat peace arrangement in Pakistan, she said that the U.S. special representative Richard Holbrooke and others were working with the Government in Pakistan to understand exactly what they intended with their recent announcement and how we're supposed to interpret it. So I don't want to say something that might not be particularly useful until we have a clearer idea, she added.