KARACHI (PPI) - A protest demo was held here on Saturday in front of Karachi Press Club (KPC) against American drone attacks and ongoing military operation in trial areas. The demonstration was organized by Progressive Youth Front (PYF). Protestors carried banners inscribed with slogans like 'Stop military operation, Stop US attacks, End terrorism in tribal parts.' Protestors also chanted slogans and demanded end to the US drone attacks, military operation and ending 'target' killings of political workers, burning of schools in the tribal areas. They alleged that the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation was as hoodwink, and it could not provide protection to people of Swat valley. Speakers slammed the administration for holding talks with Taliban after hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from Swat due to military operation. They said the progressive and democratic forces always opposed killings of innocent people and massive displacement of survivors. Instead they called for making reforms in war-torn areas, forming defence committees at local level in tribal areas to eliminate terrorism, as military operation was not a solution to this issue. Speakers termed Nizam-e-Adl Regulation as hoodwinking. They declared such a system could not protect people of Swat valley. Imposition of laws by force on people, who had been thrusting for peace, had unveiled that the state had failed to protect life and property of masses. They demanded forming self-help defence committees to foil what they called conspiracies of imperialists and terrorist groups. Condemned the killing of journalist Moosa Khan Khel, they said many journalists were murdered to terrorize independent journalism. They demanded of authorities to ensure protection to journalists.