This Thursday (February 19), as I left my house (which is in DHA phase V), a female driver crashed into my Suzuki Mehran to send me skidding into the garden of my neigbour, an ex-IG who is presently a member of the CM's Task Force. My car crushed two of their golden palms before hitting the wall. It got completely smashed with me and my driver sandwiched in it. Severely injured because of a blow to my head and a leg, I was still wondering what had happened when the IG Sahib's wife came out swearing and screaming, followed by her guards. She was cursing us for having destroyed her plants. They did pull me out but only to threaten to send me to jail if I didn't compensate in cash or kind. Imagine being sent to jail for accidentally crushing two plants? I wonder what have we come to as a nation? -AHMAD KHUSRO, Lahore, February 20.