LAHORE - About four main roads of the City, The Mall, Jail Road, Lahore Canal and Raiwind Road remain closed most of the time for the VVIP movement every day with the traffic police free to close the traffic even for hours. The Chief Minister and the Governor Punjab are on the top among those availing VVIP protocol during their outdoor activities. Following instruction from the top, barriers are placed to close the roads and traffic signals are switched off on the entire route of these VVIPs. Besides these two top govt functionaries, the IG Punjab, Speaker Punjab Assembly and some bureaucrats are also enjoying VVIP protocol during their movement. A senior officer in traffic police department said that traffic wardens are under immense pressure covering routes of the VVIPs especially the Chief Minister and the Governor Punjab. These days it is also being witnessed that due to their extra political activities, their movement has also been increased, police sources claimed. The officials said that traffic department has issued written instructions for the VIP movement regarding protocol duties while the instructions for the route of other senior government officers or political personalities are verbal and issued through wireless. He said interestingly, former primer Mian Nawaz Sharif, and former CM Punjab Ch Pervez Elahi were not enjoying as much excessive protocol in the provincial capital as being enjoyed by Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Salman Taseer. A squad of around 12 to 15 traffic police officers including a SP, DSP and an inspector traffic warden provide protocol to the Chief Minister and Governor Punjab, he said. SP leads the motorcade of the said two VIPs in his official land cruiser, DSP in Toyoto Double Cabin, an Inspector warden in Cultus car along with two other wardens while some wardens on motorcycles discharge their protocol duties on permanent basis. For the Chief Minister's scheduled official activities, a large number of traffic wardens are being engaged. They are deployed on four main roads of the City daily. His three residences in Defence, Model Town and in Raiwind and offices on The Mall are hub of his activities and protocol duties. In addition to these roads, the Chief Minister has other scheduled activities for which he moves out daily. Similarly, Governor's House on The Mall and visits of the Governor to some other places for political activities daily have been giving tough time to the traffic police. But Governor's movement outside is far less than that of the Chief Minister. For the route of the Governor Punjab, main roads and even service lanes are also kept closed, security officials disclosed. But the Service Roads are not blocked for the motorcade of the Chief Minister Punjab. Other traffic security measures are the same taken for both. Such measures, however, are not taken for the other important personalities like Chief Justice, Speaker Punjab Assembly, Inspector General Punjab Police even for the former premier Mian Nawaz Sharif. The Prime Minister, President, Chief Justice of Pakistan and VVIPs including foreign high-profile delegations are, however, given full-fledged protocol. Lahore traffic remains hampered daily due to the VIP movement. Motorists are stopped on the barriers on the route of the VIPs at least for 30 to 40 minutes. The IGP being head of the police force, is also getting special protocol but in an undeclared way. His staff, in order to clear the roads, remains in constant contact with the traffic police. The traffic police get the roads cleared at the time of IGP movement.