KARACHI - The accelerating number of murder cases has hampered the secure development of the women and girls in Pakistan as 1,109 women failed to safeguard their lives and became the murder victims during 2012, said president of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid on the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice.

Zia Awan also shared that the core reasons for women being at the disadvantage of getting abused and cursed include the feudal and patriarchal mind-set of the society, increasing inflation and lack of education. Moreover, gender inequalities are founded to present everywhere, from home setup, work environment and even in education system, law and policies.

Referring to Madadgaar National’s Database, it is reported that in 2012 the cases of women murder had the highest rate among all kinds of women violence. As many as 1,109 guiltless women were put to death. Segregating this data in context of month-wise division, in January 76 cases, February 63 cases, March 59 cases, April 70 cases, May 66 cases and in June 98 cases were identified.

However, the last six months showed the rapid increase of women murder cases above hundreds each month. 107 women were assassinated in July followed by 113 in August, 109 in September, 112 in October and 117 in November. December claimed the highest rate of 119 women lives in 2012. The data shared by the organization has been compiled from the monitoring of different local and national newspapers.

Awan has showed great concern regarding the increasing cases of women murder throughout the year 2012. He also added that in 2011, 736 women were murder and depressingly it has increased to 1109 in 2012. This growing number of women murder shows the failure of our law enforcing system to preserve women rights.