ISLAMABAD - A delegation of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI), led by its President Zafar Bakhtawari, has a meeting with Ms Yasmeen Qureshi and Ms Shabana Mehmood, Members of British Parliament. 

Bakhtawari hoped that the presence of first Muslim Pak-origin women members in UK Parliament would be helpful to promote better understanding between the two countries. He said that the elevation of Pakistani origin Britons, especially the women, to leading places was a matter of pride and satisfaction as it reflected the true potential of our people and is a source of inspiration for the other members of the Pakistani community residing in UK.

Discussing Pak-UK relations, Bakhtawari urged the Pak-origin women members in UK Parliament to further strengthen multidimensional partnership between Pakistan and UK  encompassing all important areas including education, cultural exchanges, trade, investment, human resource development and capacity building to materialise the potential of mutual equation on one hand and to promote people to people contacts, on the other.

President ICCI also recalled the services of Chaudhry Muhammad Sawar, who was another first Muslim Pak-origin member in UK Parliament 20 years ago and served as bridge to improve contacts between Pakistan and UK.

He said that it is very encouraging that women in Pakistan are now participating in all spheres of life, therefore by motivating and properly utilising the abundance of women’s human capital in our country by increasing their participation in enterprises and other economic activities, Pakistan could greatly enhance its competitive position in the world.

Ms Yasmeen Qureshi and Ms Shabana Mehmood, Members of British Parliament thanked the ICCI team for its gesture and explained their role in the British Parliament and said that they would continue to work for furthering friendly relations between Pakistan and UK and create bridges between 2countries in various fields.