Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan, on Wednesday spelt out his party’s education emergency policy which pledges to introduce a uniform and free education system for all.

Speaking to the participants at the launching ceremony Mr Imran Khan said that, “PTI will aim to eradicate the difference in the standard of facilities for the rich and poor and vows to introduce one curriculum for all.”

He further added that one of the main reasons why we as a nation stand at a juncture where more than 50% of our population is illiterate is that none of the previous governments who have come into power time n again have been able to implement Jinnah’s vision for an educated Pakistan.

Khan stated that that the present government in their entire tenure have paid no heed towards the education sector but instead have successfully managed to destroy it.  He emphasized that PTI considers education to be a critical subject and a pre-requisite for improving the deteriorating plight of the country.

He also added that the party would recover looted money from corrupt politicians, who sometimes in the name of Daanish Schools and sometimes under the head of laptop and solar energy schemes have emptied the national exchequer. This recovered money he said would be diverted towards the education sector.

The ground realities are that more than 40% of the government schools lack basic structure and facilities. Those who have spent around 800 million in erecting a “Taj Mahal” for just one Daanish School have completely ignored the provision of basic problems being faced by the sector. PTI’s education policy aims to educate the entire population at a uniform level with also providing opportunities to excel further in their careers.

If these incompetent rulers continue to run the country in the same manner the millennium goal of achieving a 100% literacy rate in 2015 will not achieved till 2025. We cannot expect those holding offices on grounds of fake degrees to improve the deplorable situation in the country.