FAISALABAD - The establishment of a Lahore High Court bench in Faisalabad is inevitable and all procedural impediments need to be removed, said Mian Zahid Aslam, the President of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, on Thursday.

He said that cheaper and immediate justice is the right of every citizen and Faisalabad being adjoined by districts of Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot and Sargodha of nearly 15 million people. Faisalabad is the third largest industrial city and second largest revenue generation city in the country and it is termed the textile capital of Pakistan, he added. He stated that the area is thickly populated and economic activities have grown up rapidly in the past years. He emphasised that setting up of a High Court bench in Faisalabad was inevitable so that the people could be saved from time wastage and unnecessary travelling to Lahore. With provision of the facility, it will also defuse the demand for creation of new province within Punjab, he added.

He assured their cooperation to the Faisalabad Bar Council for setting up of the bench was necessary, and said that this was a long standing demand of the people of Faisalabad for providing justice at their doorstep. He maintained that the FCCI business community is fully supportive to the Faisalabad Bar Council for the move, and from the day one it had demanded the bench at every forum. He urged the government to accept the demand without further delay so that the people in the area can get easy and prompt justice at their doorsteps.