LAHROE: - The auto industry on Thursday strongly condemned killing of innocent people in Karachi, including Managing Director of Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, urging the government to take strict measures to stop the ongoing blood letting.

The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts Accessories Manufacturers chairman, Munir Bana and vice chairman, Usaman Malik, addressing the PAAPAM Managing Committee meeting, said that the whole industry was in a state of shock over the killing of PMFT MD Arshad Pervaiz who was gunned down on Tuesday in Bhains Colony. He said that the deteriorating law and order situation has not only hit hard the economy but it has also put a question mark on government’s ability to govern one of the largest cities in the world, called the city of lights, where nearly 20 million persons reside.

“Karachi is Pakistan’s economic engine, whenever it shuts or faces violence, it affects the whole economy. Its taxes and industrial and services sectors feed the exchequer and its port being the gateway gives life to the rest of the country,” he said. “If one wants to cripple Pakistan’s economy, one should do nothing but to get Karachi paralyzed.” “How a businessman would be able to run his business with a peace of mind when around a dozen people would be killed in different localities almost daily.” PAAPAM vice chairman, Usman Malik, addressing the condolence meeting of PMFT MD, said that it is now an established fact that the killings in Karachi are premeditated plan to destroy the country’s economy and tarnish its image internationally.

He said that the government needs to review the working methodology of law enforcement agencies that are eating up huge revenue in the name of maintaining law and order in the country. He said that Karachi is the most important business hub of the country that generates 68 per cent of total revenues and its share in the GDP is 25 per cent and until and unless a concrete, comprehensive and foolproof strategy, that too in consultation with political parties and business community was evolved any good to the economy would be day-dreaming.

He said that the government would have to re-set its priorities to overcome the internal and external challenges that are causing undue damage to the economic activities in this resource-rich country.