PESHAWAR - Jamiat Ulama-i-Islam chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman has said that declaration of the Tribal Jirga will be tabled before the national leadership of all the major political parties in the JUI-F convened All Parties Conference on February 28 in Islamabad, aimed to get consensus and finalize a mechanism for Jirga’s dialogue with Taliban.

Addressing a news conference after a meeting of the “Tribal Jirga” here at JUI-F provincial secretariat, Maulana said that the APC was a series of the previously held Tribal Jirga on December 16, here at Hayatabad aimed at establishing peace in the region.

He added following the declaration of the representative tribal Jirga, a consensus among all the political parties would be developed on the issue, for which the JUI-F has issued invitations to all the political parties.

The JUI-F chief informed that leaders of all the political parties would get awareness about the declaration, aims and purpose of the tribal Jirga to discuss the efforts for peace and also would be discussed the jurisdiction of the representative Jirga, adding that it will strengthen the platform and would be proved a fruitful exercise. In reply to a query, Maulana said that the Tribal Jirga was not a part of the ANP convened APC, where JUI had presented the view of the Jirga, with which all the parties in principle agreed.

He added that he was going to arrange a meeting of the Tribal Jirga and political parties, but he wished to hold a dialogue of the Jirga with government, security forces, and Taliban as well.

For the purpose a solid mechanism would be prepared in the APC with the consensus of all political forces that will be focused on peace in tribal areas and talks with Taliban.