LAHORE – Various Shia leaders demanded ‘unconditional’ apology from MQM chief Altaf Hussain for his remarks over calling off sit-in against the Quetta carnage.

Shia leaders including Abdul Khaliq Asadi, Munir Gillani, Naubahar Shah, Ajmal Naqvi and others expressed these views during a press conference hosted by Majlis Wahdatul Muslemin (MWM) Thursday night.

In a declaration, they said Altaf Hussain’s statement against the Shia parties to end sit-in equaling compromise on martyrs of blood and honour.

Criticising the MQM chief, they questioned why Altaf began feeling pain for Shias suddenly since Shia and Sunni were being killed in large numbers in Karachi on daily basis while MQM remained a silent spectator to that bloodshed.

They demanded that Balochistan-like operation against terror groups should also be carried in Punjab, where Interior Minister Rehman Malik had already pointed out the presence of Lashkar Jhangvi.

Answering to a question, they said the MQM was the ruling party in Sindh and it should be answerable for Shia killings in Karachi. They said the decision regarding the sit-in was taken by the top elders of the Shia community and was endorsed by the relatives of the martyrs and Hazara tribal elders.  Prominent parties present on the occasion include Ittehad Ummat Counci, Shia Shehryan Pakistan, Shia Democratic Party, Islamic Democratic Front, Ulema Imamia Pakistan, Almustafa Lawyers forum, All Parties Shia Federation, Tehrik Wahdat Islami, Imamia Lawyers Forum and Tullab-e-Deenia.