ISLAMABAD – More than 30 scientists of Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) are engaged in educating the nature lovers, students and general public on environment issues and importance of its protection.

Basic purpose of this education is to create awareness among people pertaining to the biodiversity of Pakistan with special reference to environment and natural habitat degradation.

With special displays of species of plants, animals, minerals and wildlife, the museum is a major attraction for the school trips and nature lovers who get excellent glimpses of natural history with written description.

PMNH scientists have discovered a number of new Plants and animal species and have published a number of research articles in journals of international repute.

Talking to APP an official said a large number of natural history specimens of plants, animals, rocks, minerals and fossils have already been collected and curate. Highly productive collaboration research programmes with many foreign countries are in progress, such as those with USA, UK, Japan France and Switzerland.

PMNH has display galleries in which a number of dioramas and other exhibits are displayed. Official said, “We regularly publish natural history brochures, leaflets, bulletins and posters for mass education”. Besides this, symposia, workshops about latest natural history issues are regularly held at PMNH.

It has helped in setting-up of many other museums such as NMST, Lahore, Maritime Museum, Karachi and Children Complex, Lahore.

“We offer training courses in animal and plant collection, preservation and curation. Special courses in animal taxidermy and model preparation are also offered”. PMNH also assists in setting up of natural history corner and also design and set up large-scale exhibitions and expos.