ISLAMABAD – In pursuance of the orders of the Islamabad High Court, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has decided to seek court’s verdict against the wrong allegations of Dr Ahmed Nadeem Akbar for misinterpreting and misleading the PMDC affairs.

In a statement issued by the Council, the administrator of the PMDC said that suspension orders of Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar has already been withdrawn vide a notification dated February 7, 2013 in compliance with the decision of the High Court Islamabad. And with the approval of the competent authority due to inquiry orders under a retired Supreme Court judge for investigation in regard to recognition of 19 medical colleges and financial corruption in the Council, launched by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services, Dr Nadeem Akbar has been kept against the post of Secretary after withdrawal of his suspension on court orders.

He added that some FIRs and cases has been pending against for fraudulent handling of elections

It is pertinent to mention here that after the PMDC ordinance, administrator Dr Raja Amjad has been appointed by the federal government to look after the matters of PMDC and placed both the president and vice president as members of the executive committee for functioning under the Administrator.

Looking into the gross misconduct by Dr Ahmed Nadeem for manipulating the election process and contesting in the PMDC elections without the permission of the competent authority, the chief election commissioner has launched an enquiry against Dr Ahmed Nadeem Akbar for contesting the elections without the approval of the Executive Committee and also holding more than two domiciles for the purpose of forgery and mislead the Council, the statement said.

Along, PMDC has launched an FIR against Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar saying that he has kept more two domiciles under his custody for fraudulent use and it has been verified by the district coordination officer.

The PMDC has sought the services of Advocate Athar Minullah for the next hearing of the case in the Islamabad High Court.