LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday disposing of a petition against termination of 70 contractual staffers at Aitchison College, ordered board of director of the college to resolve the matter within 15 days and report the court.

When hearing resumed, the petitioners through their advocates submitted the college administration had terminated them without giving them any show cause notice, while their contract had not expired so far.

They pointed out that the Punjab Government in 2009 ordered to form a committee to regularise the services of the contract employees, but the college administration had sacked them instead of constituting the committee.

They said that the terminations of the contract employees without show-cause notice were a violation of basic rights.

They requested the court to declare the termination as illegal and unlawful and issue directions to restore their services.

A college’s law officer appeared before the court and submit that as per the court directions they have restored all sacked employees and not only they are paid their salaries but other benefits are also being given to them.

At this the court asked him whether they have regularised them? The counsel replied in negative. At this the court observed that whey they could not be regularised according to the law. The court directed the board of governors of the college to decide the matter within 15 days and report to the court.