KARACHI  - SSGC conducted a major raid against direct use of gas in Surjani Town and disconnected more than 200 illegal connections. These illegal connections were resulting in a loss of 11,288 million cubic feet of gas which translates into Rs 1.8 million per annum in monetary terms. The team discovered that the miscreants had set up an intricate network of rubber pipes through which they were illegally distributing gas from SSGC’s main supply to various residents in the area. Although the Task Force, led by Nawab Ali Shah, Deputy Manager Customer Relations Department (CRD), met with some resistance, they went about their job of dismantling the illegal connections. Apart from the immediate task, the team also heard some of the complaints of the residents related to billing which they solved on the spot.

The residents who were found using gas directly were asked to settle their arrears with SSGC immediately to avoid future disconnections.