LAKKI MARWAT - Drought have seriously affected wheat and gram crops in the sandy areas of Lakki Marwat district.  Wheat and gram have been grown on vast tract of land in the barani (rain fed) belt of the district.

Both these major crops, grown in the sandy parts of the district, are rain dependant, and they are drying because the area did not receive  rain in the current month while the two drizzles of the previous month have proved highly insufficient.

If it rains on time the farmers get good crop yield but no rain or low rain destroy their labour. Low perspiration in winter season have affected the crops especially wheat and gram worrying the farmers to great extent.

Office bearers of local farmers’ organisations said that the crops might come under the attack of diseases if drought like situation continued. They said that farmers would be in troubles if it did not rain in the coming days.

They asked the government to launch drip irrigation and sprinkle irrigation technology to meet the water needs for wheat and gram crops in the sandy parts of the district.

LAKKI MARWAT: Local police on Tuesday claimed to have impounded over 150 motorbikes during a special campaign against unregistered motorcycles.

An official said that the campaign was launched on the orders of provincial police officer Nasir Durrani. He said that in Lakki circle 91 motorcycles were impounded while 76 bikes were impounded in Naurang circles.

“The seized bikes had fake/bogus number plates or their owners did not possess relevant registration documents”, he maintained. He told that over 90 bike riders were issued tickets for violating traffic laws in Lakki and Naurang towns.

Separately, Naurang police launched targeted operation against criminals’ gangs and militants and arrested five wanted men in it on Tuesday.

An official said that nine suspects were also captured in the operation and that they were shifted to Shaheed Asmatullah Khan Khattak police station for identification and initial interrogation purpose.  “The arrested criminals were wanted by police in cases of heinous nature,” he maintained.

He told that the law enforcers seized an AK 47 assault rifle, a shotgun, 57 rounds and a small quantity of heroin from anti social elements and registered cases against them.

Meanwhile, seven personnel of district security branch of police on Tuesday faced the wrath of district police officer for poor performance.

“The DSB officials were removed as their performance was not up to the mark”, said an official. He said that the district security branch was an important organ of the police force with assignment to collect intelligence and share it with the police authorities so as to maintain law and order and to prevent happening of any sabotage act.

“The role of DSB personnel was disappointing one and that was why they were closed to the police lines,” said the official. He told that district security branch would be reformulated on modern lines and new blood would be injected in it to improve its performance.