The ‘Heart of Asia Conference’ was initiated to ensure peace but instead it has escalated the already prevalent tension in the region. Our high official, Sartaj Aziz, was humiliated in an unjustifiable way. A high diplomat is meant to be given a certain protocol but this wasn’t observed in the conference. It seemed as if India and Afghanistan were constantly looking for an opportunity to blame Pakistan. Ashraf Ghani did not also fail to take advantage of this chance and blamed Pakistan for sheltering Taliban without any direct evidence. 

India and Afghanistan need to act maturely and instead of playing the ‘blame game’ they should cooperate strategically. This region should no longer be a battlefield for proxy and silent wars. India needs to understand that peace in South Asia is mainly liked with the relations between India and Pakistan. Lastly, terrorism cannot be rooted out without mutual cooperation. 


Rawalpindi, December 15.