Media is one of the prominent tools, which makes people aware of the all affairs of the world. Generally, there are many technologies which prove to be a great role in society but it is only media that overshadows all others in the terms of social networking and awareness of the globe. However, before the advent of the media, people were unaware of crucial incidences around them. Not only does it encourage downtrodden people for betterment but also highlights covered tortures on women in society.

Similarly, it has proved its significant role in all walks of life. This is media, which has promoted the value and status of women like: Malala Yousafzai, Arfa Kareem, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and other evergreen personalities. It is covering all such deep-rooted matters regularly, which can devour the country anytime. As a responsibility, it does not only highlight the problems at a grass root level but also creates pressure on government to overcome such issues from society. Important issues like rape cases, honor killings and other lethal activities of rural areas of Pakistan have been covered and discussed on media.

Media has an important role during political events like elections as it reminds the people of the fake promises made by politicians. Pakistani media must also support its country in all angles and avoid vitriolic criticism on the policies of its own country. Every individual should also support, encourage and appreciate the role and responsibility of media in society.


Shikarpur, December 16.