Bangkok - Thailand’s Constitutional Court has acquitted the opposition Future Forward Party (FFP) and its leader, ThanathornJuangroongruangkit, of conspiring to overthrow the monarchy. As a panel of judges read out the verdict, citing a lack of evidence to proceed with dissolution, supporters amassed at the reformist FFP’s headquarters in Bangkok cheered in celebration. “Keep going Thanathorn! Get out Prayut!” supporters yelled raising three fingers in the air, a gesture that has become a symbolic expression of defiance against the country’s military backed establishment. Cambodia’s lifeline threatened as Mekong recedes to historic low. The complaint was initially filed in June 2019, when NatthapornToprayoon, lawyer and former advisor to the Chief Ombudsman, claimed that the party broke Section 49 of the 2017 Constitution. In addition, Natthaporn claimed that the party’s logo, an orange inverted triangle, looks eerily similar to the symbol associated with the Illuminati, a secret society that conspiracy theorists believe seeks world control, and that the resemblence meant the two were probably linked. FFP decried the allegations as nonsense. Natthaporn also claimed the party leader’s social media posts and other publications were anti-royal in nature.