SIALKOT - The grieved families of the six deceased youths in Sialkot district have urged the government and high ups of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to launch a vigorous crackdown on the human traffickers to purge the entire region of such inhumane elements and save the youths from dying while going abroad illegally with the help of the agents and sub agents. They said that it was the high time for FIA and other agencies concerned to wake up and spring into action against the human traffickers instead of waiting for tragedies to happen. The grieved families have vehemently protested against the human trafficking and demanded stern legal action against them. They also criticized the FIA and other relevant agencies, saying that the human trafficking was thriving in Sialkot region with full impunity while the government and its agencies were playing the role of silent spectators. They termed the human traffickers as the killers of humanity who had been playing with precious human lives, saying that these human smuggling were bring notoriety for the country in the entire world. Talking to the newsmen at village Chak Gillan-East, Daska tehsil, Ghulam Abbas father of the deceased Bilal Ahmed, Rehmat Ali father of deceased Aamir, Muhammad Yousaf father of deceased Muhammad Nouman said that though we have lost our beloved sons, the accused human traffickers were still at large. Our beloved ones have died but now we (their families) were dying at every moment. They said that the human traffickers were the killers of the humanity thus they should be brought to task and should be dealt with iron fist. The agents and their sub agents show golden dreams to the innocent youths of their bright future abroad. Thus, the youths intend to go abroad illegally with the help of the human traffickers and often lost their lives. It was learnt that six youths Bilal Ahmed, Aamir Rehmat, Muhammad Nouman Yousaf, Zeeqaad Iqbal, Pervaiz Inayat Imran Tufail of Sialkot district had been intending to go to Greece for pulling out their families from the economical crisis, but unfortunately, they lost their lives at the hands of international human traffickers, after being suffocated there into a tightly-closed small sized container near the Turkish border on Wednesday. They also urged the federal government to ensure early arrival of the dead bodies. The atmosphere remained gloomy in Sialkot district, especially in Daska and Pasrur tehsils after the sad demise of six local youths. According the senior officials of FIA, as many as six youths belong to Sialkot district have reportedly been died due to suffocation in a container near the border of Turkey in a bid to illegally enter Turkish territory for going to Greece with the help of their international human traffickers on Wednesday (July 20, 2011). The aggrieved families told the newsmen that Pakistani officials had informed them about the tragedy. The families added that their beloved sons were going to Greece after paying Rs370,000 each to the Sialkot, Karachi and Quetta based agents, sub agents and human traffickers. However, they remained unable to tell the names of the accused human traffickers. It is to be noted that in October 2010, Chawinda (Pasrur tehsil) based 11 youths had drowned in deep waters of Arabian Sea while going to Muscat through Gwadar-Pakistan with the help of some Sialkot and Karachi based human traffickers in a boat, which had capsized, resultantly in their deaths. When contacted, Deputy Director FIA Gujranwala Region Gul Sanobar Khan told the newsmen that the FIA had set up special teams comprised of Inspector Muhammad Hanif Chaudhry (and Inspector Shaukat Goraya who have started raiding at various urban and rural areas for the arrest of human traffickers. He said that Begowala-Daska based two notorious human traffickers brothers Zahid Gondal and Shahid Gondal were involved in the trafficking of the six deceased youths. Gul Sanobar added that as many as 35 notorious human traffickers were wanted by the FIA in its Red Book in Gujranwala Region, out of which 21 accused have been arrested. While, the sincere efforts were being made for the early arrest of the rest of 14 accused.