LAHORE - The big textile units, after being exempted from power loadshedding, besides getting smooth supply of gas for five days a week, have now demanded of the SNGPL management to ensure them the regular gas supply the whole week. Setting aside the issues of other sectors and severe crunch of energy in the country, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has asked the govt to ensure 7 days a week gas supply for textile industry and bring down markup rate to 7 percent to take Pakistan to $20 billion textile exports by the end of 2011-12. APTMA spokesman said the APTMA leadership has revived the textile industry during last one, securing many feathers in its cap till date. According to him, APTMA management successfully represented the case of free market mechanism, resulting into a win-win situation for all stakeholders of the industry. He said this effort has helped in additional resource transfer worth Rs350b to the cotton growers during last year. Now this situation is leading to a strong expectation of highest ever cotton crop of 16 million bales this year. He said domestically availability of cotton would make textile Industry self sufficient first time during last 10 years. Also, the APTMA spokesman said, a historical increase of $4b in one year has taken place due to intervention free environment ensured by the highest authority. Total textile export in value terms has almost reached $14b during financial year 2010-11 against $10.2 billion in financial year 2009-10. It is also the first year since 2004 with Pakistan posting current account surplus of $542 million, he added.