LAHORE Former Director General Intelligence Bureau Brig(r) Imtiaz Ahmed while talking to Waqt News has said that the country is facing both internal and external challenges. He said that China is growing power in South Asia. The US had agenda to suppress China and capture oil resources of poor countries and 9/11 incident paved way to fulfil this agenda. The US is busy in accomplishing its strategic interests in the name of war on terror. The US is making India a power in the region because New Delhi is cooperating with her in completing its tasks. Pakistans geographical position is well recognised and Pakistan is atomic power among Islamic countries and is hurdle in the way of US to accomplish its tasks. In 1977, American Intelligence Agency CIA tried to control our sensitive installations which was thwarted timely by us, he revealed. He said that CIA always bowed before ISI and the same happened during war against Russia. He added that the CIA knows well that it could not accomplish its tasks without weakening Pakistan Army and Raymond Davis case and Abbottabad incident are part of this conspiracy. ISI and Pakistan Army are a guarantee for Pakistan security and masses fully trust them. However, he said that distrust between the public and Army is being created and the media is being fully utilised for this purpose. He said that ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha has made it clear to the US that Pakistan would continue cooperation with the Washington but it would be from both sides. If the US wants logical end of war against terrorism, then it should stop drone attacks in Pakistan. Islamabad would not accept unnatural role of India in Afghanistan. The democratic government in Pakistan has to do the job of stopping drone attacks in Pakistan. ISI and Army should abide by government decision. Our Army is preferring national interest over self-interest, he held. Pakistan needs to change its internal as well as external policy, he added. He said PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif had the right to criticise but there exists difference between criticism and humiliation. At this time, Nawaz Shairfs criticism would help foreign enemies, he maintained. He said that MQM was part of Jamaat-e-Islami. Later, former President Ziaul Haq fully cooperated with Altaf Hussain and MQM became a came to surface as political party. Talking about Karachi unrest, he blamed that political wrestling is continued in the port city for showing strength in next coming local bodies polls. He said that Indian intelligence agency RAW is active in Karachi for unrest. He said that Balochistan was bundle target of Raw and CIA and they were creating atmosphere of hatred for Pakistan there.