KARACHI - MCB Bank has won yet another prestigious award, 'the Euromoney Award for the Best Bank in Pakistan which is a testament to its commitment to perform better and better by each passing day and achieves the height of success. The Euromoney Award was conferred to MCB Bank at a ceremony held in Hong Kong amid the attendance of thousands of audience including representatives of leading banks and financial institutions of the world. The award was received by the MCB Bank Group Head of Treasury & FX, Mohammad Ramzan According to Euromoney, MCB Bank earned the award as they claimed that Pakistans banking sector is in transition and some lenders are branching out into new services, while others are struggling merely to keep their heads above water as Pakistans finances lurch unsteadily in the direction of the abyss, without ever quite toppling. MCB Banks deposits in first quarter ended on March 31 2011 rose to 7.17pc whereas other banks in Pakistan declined by an average of 0.8pc. MCB Bank raised its cash dividend by 30pc as well. MCB Bank is reputed as one of the safest financial institution and one of the leading banks in Pakistan with a deposit base of Rs 462 billion and total assets of Rs 605 billion. MCB Bank has also been acknowledged through prestigious recognition and awards by MMT, Asia Money, SAFA (SAARC), The Asset and The Asian Banker and it has also very recently won CFAAP Award for the best bank in the country. MCB Bank President, MUA Usmani, named the victory to the hardworking and dedicated team of the bank who have enabled MCB Bank stand prominent and got its achievement acknowledged not only at national but international level as well. He proudly said that MCB Bank is again Pakistans standout bank. Well run and with good stewards, it is a lender with regional clout and with good underlying statistics. Pakistan is a market that is all about deposits and MCB Bank beat all its competitors. The President said that MCB Bank, with more than 60 years of experience as one of the leading banks in Pakistan, has shown phenomenal growth even in the most difficult times when the banking sector in Pakistan is going through the most difficult phase in history. MCB Bank does not stop here but it will continue to show its phenomenal performance through its skilled and dedicated team, he added.