ISLAMABAD - The main opposition parties, PML-N and MQM, jointly staged token walkout from the proceedings of the National Assembly against the change of house agenda. The opposition was of the view that the session was called on their requisition so that the House should debate on their agenda rather than order of the day issued by the National Assembly secretariat. However, Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah said that the government do not oppose it and a motion was moved to suspend the governments set agenda of the day. Later the proceedings were resumed with PM-N lawmaker Khawaja Asif opening the debate on the oppositions agenda. He began by targeted the PPP-PML-Q alliance, saying it was aimed at promoting sectional interest and securing corruption and the corrupt. He said that during last three years of this government different scandals have surfaced, including haj, NICL and RPPs, but the government was reluctant to take action against the corrupt. It was finally the Supreme Court that took action, or it were some legislators who themselves contacted courts to unveil corruption. Coming down hard on the government for its failure to provide electricity, Khawaja Asif said that a huge amount was being paid to a RPP plant in Karachi but it has failed to generate the requisite capacity despite the tall claims of the then Water and Power minister. He alleged that the cronies were being appointed as the heads of the institutions like PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills and Railways, besides a huge subsidy was being paid to these institutions for further embezzlements. Commenting on law and order in Karachi, he said that the political parties of Sindh should give due respect to each others mandate, saying that an unfortunate statement of Zulfiqar Mirza resulted in the killing of innocent people. Talking about AJK elections, Khawaja Asif said that the scale of rigging in these elections was just a trailer for the coming general elections in Pakistan. Khawaja said that for the sake of Kashmir cause such rigging should be stopped. Deputy Parliamentary Leader of MQM Haider Abbas Rizvi questioned the reluctance of the government in improving the law and order in Karachi and said that the terrorists kept killing innocent people for five days but no action was taken against them. In these conditions, the Sindh IGP insisted at using only police force for improving law and order. The house should be informed as to why five days were taken to send in Rangers and what the government was waiting for...where these killers have gone now..., Haidar threw a volley of questions. Quoting the report of Amnesty International and the statements of Interior Minister regarding Talibans presence in Karachi he said the Government should think that how it would adjust 20 million IDPs if it has to launch any controlled operation in Karachi. Talking about AJK elections, he said that there was no political party that has not reservations on these elections beside added that incorrect voter lists were deliberately used to highjack AJK elections that was against the mandate of Kashmiri people. He demanded that the government should hold fresh elections in AJK. He said that the Government used power to postpone AJK elections in Karachi when MQM refused to surrender their seats in their favour. Commenting on load shedding and differences with in KESC, he said that the employees of KESC themselves were burning their own official vehicles while the staff demands security before leaving for maintenance. State Minister and PML-Q leader Sardar Bahadur Khan Seher while responding to PML-N leader Khawaja Asif said that Moonis Elahi was not nominated in two FIRs of corruption in NICL while added that no evidence was against him and he should be exonerated. PPP legislator Nadeem Afzal Chan came down hard on Punjab Government and the leadership of PML-N saying that there was no democracy in the party. He said that if there was governance then why Punjab Support programme was closed. He admitted that there were corrupt people in his party, which would be filtered through political process. He said General Musharrafs local body system was ideal and abolishing it was a blunder by provincial governments. He said he fully supported Kalabagh Dam and the government should constitute a committee to convince all parties over the controversial issue. Other who took part in the debate included Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Tehmina Daultana, Syed Asif Husnain and Saud Majeed.