KARACHI - The Supreme Court of Pakistan passed an order under which all employees of other departments working on deputation in Sindh Sports Board (SSB) should be sent back to their parent departments but Sindh Sports department is allegedly violating the said order by retaining officers on deputation. All other provincial departments have followed the court orders and allegedly only Sindh sports department is dragging its feet on the issue. According to reliable information gathered here recently, three officers of education department came on deputation to sports department. Those three should have been sent back to their parent education department as per the court ruling but allegedly all the three were still with the sports department and enjoying additional perks and privileges. The three are Syed Rahat Ali Shah, administrator Hyderabad Club on deputation from education department; M Saeed, assistant director sports on deputation from education department and Abdul Hameed Rajput, district officer on deputation from education department. As the three officials are on the promotion posts while the promotions of genuine officers of sports departments have been blocked by the deputationists, are allegedly taking extra benefits. These three officials allegedly are getting unlimited petrol and mobile allowances. Abdul Hameed Rajput who allegedly is a physical training instructor has been allotted a 1600CC Sportsage car. Other two deputationists have also been allotted cars. These three allegedly are also taking sitting charges from the sports department.