ISLAMABAD - In categorical demonstration of strong opposition against the alleged highhandedness of Afghan forces, tribal elders in South Waziristan have decided to raise armed militias (Lashkars) to assist Pakistani security forces in fighting down Afghan National Army (ANA). In two separate grand jirgas held in SWA on Thursday, the tribal elders reiterated that the acts of violence from across the border would be retaliated 'in the same coin in future. In this connection, both the jirgas vowed to create armed militias in order to assist Pakistani security forces against the ANA. According to details, one grand jirga was organised in Kalotai area by Malik Idrees Khan, the chief of Wazir tribe in SWA while that of the other by Malik Noor Aslam Wazir in Zamcheena. The chiefs of the Wazir sub-tribes including Malik Ali Muhammad, Malik Mir Dil Khan, Haji Nadir Khan, Malik Badshah Khan and other tribal chieftains reportedly participated in the two tribal meetings. Separate resolutions were reportedly presented in the grand gatherings that slammed the 'cowardly acts of Karzai administration and expressed 'full faith on Pak security forces. Talking to The Nation by phone from Wana on Thursday, Malik Idrees Khan and Malik Noor Aslam Wazir termed the unprovoked and indiscriminatory shelling from Afghan forces a conspiracy to destabilise Pakistan. 'This is an evil plot hatched by those evil elements Afghanistan is subordinated to. The purpose of these attacks is very clear, to destabilise Pakistan and create an impression that Pakistani border areas are the hub of terrorism, Malik Idrees Khan said. He warned the Afghan officials, who, according to him, were 'inspired by the CIAs reckless drone campaigns to target SWA. 'They are a bit too seriously mistaken. They would be paid in the same coin. It might be difficult to retaliate against drones but its way easy to take on the cowardly acts of the brigade of these Afghans that they term Afghan National Army, he added. He said that the formal militias would be prepared after consultations with senior security officials in Pakistan Army, Frontier Constabulary, Scouts Force and other paramilitary forces. 'Our soldiers have been martyred for no reason. Its high time to pay them back. We were thinking of countering ANA lately and what they did on Tuesday simply added fuel to fire, Wazir tribe chief said referring to ANA attack at a check-post in SWA. Reportedly, the Afghan National Army had fired 19 mortar shells at Angooradda, a village of SWA and targeted a check-post of Scouts Force on Tuesday.