LAHORE Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the US plans to build India as the regional leader were a serious threat to the country and the world peace. Reacting to the US-India joint communiqu following the visit of the US Secretary of State, he also urged the international community to take note of the US anti Islam designs in order to save world peace. Munawar Hasan said the US was provoking India to attack the country and the armed forces should defend the national interests. He said that Washington not only wanted to make India the Asia Pacific leader but was also supporting New Delhi in its nefarious designs against Pakistans sovereignty and solidarity. He said, the US could see terrorists hideouts all over Pakistan but it did not see the blood-smeared face of India that had been carrying out state terrorism and worst human rights violations in Held Kashmir for the last three decades where over seven lakh Indian troops were involved in the genocide of the Kashmiris. He said that Washington aimed at destabilizing the country in order to place its nuclear arsenal under international control. The US presence in the region was a serious threat to Pakistans security as it was inflaming India- Pakistan war.