We blame God for poverty and corruption in this world. We blame God for injustice and inequality. We blame God for sickness and misfortune. We blame God for everything bad happening in this world and in our lives.

We are the one to blame. We are the reason behind poverty, corruption, and injustice. God created us and he never wants us to suffer. Still, we blame him for everything instead of mending it.

The preponderance of people in this world has one agenda, which goes round and round in a circle. The agenda they have is to live up to the society’s expectations by having a luxurious lifestyle, the latest car, and only designer clothing.

I am not saying that one cannot have a great lifestyle. Yes, you can have that! But in order to have that you should not become blind to others. You should not forget that you are made of dust, in the dust you live and you will turn back to dust in the grave. These designer bags, shoes, and clothes have zero value in front of God. Because he is the one who made these designers (humans) and he is the one who gives wealth to one.

In the grave, you will face God and not the society.

In the grave, your Rolex watch will just remind you the time you wasted. Your Valentino shoes will remind you the wrong path you walked. Your Micheal Cinco clothing will remind you the burden you carried, which could be eased if you once thought about the kids that walk naked on the streets.

Do not please the society, please God. That will only benefit you!

One thing that breaks my heart is the fact that we know that many are dying. Organ trade, sex slavery, human trafficking and poverty is increasing every minute, every hour and every day. We spend money to buy luxury instead of providing to those who are in need of it.

Today, many have an education compared to the other eras. We have many doctors, engineers, lawyers and the list goes on.

Does having education mean that you are educated?

The answer to this question is NO! Today, people have an education, but they are not educated. If you do not agree on this, then you are most welcome to know that you are one of the illiterate ones.

The reason why I am saying this is because I have experienced these so could ‘educated’ people. I have a Pakistani background and if you come from Asia then you will surely relate to this. Those who have a higher degree in Asia think that they are the rulers of everything and anything. They become doctors not to help others, but to get a higher social status. This is something that also has developed in Europe beyond the years. Many people from diverse nations have this illiterate mindset. Nevertheless, there are a few who are open minded and intellectual. Unfortunately, we have very few of them in this world.

What we have instead are many arrogant, narcissist, fraud, illiterate and corrupted people.

I believe in reality and therefore I do not believe in sugar coating my statements, because reality will sound bitter, no matter how nicely you present it. In order to make the reality sound permanently sweet, you need to sweeten the base of it and not the look of it.

I wish that people could buy wisdom, knowledge, patience, and mercy instead of brands, cars, and mansions. If we all have these factors in us, then that would be the day when the whole universe will blossom with love.