ISLAMABAD    -     Rice exports from the county during preceding financial year witnessed about1.6pc growth as compared the exports of the corresponding period of last year. During the period from July-June, 2018-19 about 4,104,983 metric tons of rice worth US$2.096b was exported as compared the exports of 4,096,446 metric tons valuing US$ 2.035b of same period of last year, according the data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). Meanwhile, during the period under review the exports of Basmati rice also grew by 9.87pc. During financial year ended on June 30, 2019, about 668,763metric tons of Basmati rice worth of US$ 639.250m were exported as against the exports of 560,995 metric tons valuing US$581.847 million of same period of last year. However, the exports of rice other then basmati reduced by 1.61pc and about 3.346 million metric tons rice valuing US$1.430b were exported as compared the exports of 3.535 million metric tons worth of US$1.453 billion of same period of last year. On month on month basis, rice exports in month of June, 2019 were recorded at 284,670 metric tons as compared the exports of 253, 731 metric tons of corresponding month of last year. In June, 2019 country earned US$142.364 million as against US$145.734 million of same month of last year. It may be recalled that food group exports from the country recorded about 3.93pc reduction in FY 2018-19.