With social media inundated with feed and news rolling about Iqra Aziz’s proposal stunts and all Pakistanis coming forward with their baton to storm at the couple for accusing them of not depicting and practicing a “norm”.

To Whom It may Concern, we are humbled to see so many critics bringing themselves to power and letting us publicly know what is right and wrong but before the discourse is further attended, sink into you own moral values and think twice through your sets of principles first. Celebrities have signed up for this role to show off their great moments and talk about their dark days in ceremonious ways as this is what makes them stay stellar.

However, for all those residing at home and navigating through channels and newsfeed, when did Iqra Aziz or any social media star allow or designate you on such a role? Have you been riding the seat of a critic way too voluntarily? If yes, it would do no good because Iqra doesn’t need to look out for your validation on any of her life changing decisions. If you still feel the urge to barge into her public life and dictate for her any of her right and wrong, its time you set your direction right. While all those bringing in Islam and teachings as a source to object her actions, know the same principles might not allow for you to watch these extravagant awards for the eyes too would be a witness to you actions. Just so you know.

More broadly, award shows never come with a mandate or set of principles signifying that they would conform to the cultural parameters or stay true to the traditional roots, it is targeted towards bringing the sparks of showbiz life to display and creating the buzz that keeps the stardom clamor buzzing. Moreover, for all those looking out for entertainment, pleasure and escape must then find ways to look for shows that vouch and validate to display “refined” content only.   

Before it dawns on us completely and we become champions at criticizing and indulge too much in the unnecessary evaluation, we can dedicate the same very moments to create noise about happenings that can socially benefit us a society. Maybe about the mistreatment that goes un-neglected, about the insecurities that go untamed and greatly about the freedom that we all fight for but fail to offer to others.