Reference 22-(g) & (h) of the text of the Budget 2008-09 wherein it has been mentioned that availability of credit to agriculture sector has been limited compared to the industry and other sectors. So during the year, an additional of Rs. 30 billion will be made available for agriculture in addition to total credit to the sector amounting to Rs. 130 billion disbursed this year. ZTBL is going to be revamped to broaden its outreach. Despite giving this huge amount to the agriculturists every year, we are unable to get atta. The price of rice per kg has been doubled in just 2 months while the wheat, cotton and sugar are being imported. Where does this agricultural credit go? And why should it be given when ultimately we have to import all these things. Is there any accountability of it? We know very well know that small landholders do not get this credit; only the big 'agriculturists', sitting in national & provincial assemblies, get it. That is why it is never returned and has to be written-off. -SAJID M. ANSARI, Karachi, via e-mail, June 12.