WASHINGTON - The episode of Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Asif's arrest in Dubai on drug-possession and his subsequent release was featured on Saturday in a major newspaper of the United States where cricket is not a popular sport. "Mohammad Asif might be one of the world's most brilliant cricket bowlers, but his star is fast losing luster in Pakistan," an Islamabad-datelined dispatch in The Washington Post said after his return to Pakistan from a 19-day detention in Dubai. "When Asif, the darling of Pakistan's national cricket team, was arrested early this month on suspicion of drug possession at the airport in Dubai, newspapers here virtually groaned in unison," The Post correspondent, Candace Rondeaux, wrote, referring to the criticism in Pakistani newspaper about his reported involvement in drugs. In this regrard, the Post correspondent quoted some editorials decrying the sorry state of the country's favourite pastime as well as invectives against Asif from bloggers.