Politicians as well as some sections of the civil society have been vocal in their criticism against the President demanding that he resign. The print and electronic media is full of such statements everyday. It is, indeed, sad that nobody has asked the President what his views are on the subject. Has he become a figment of the past for them? When the media was supporting him in the past, they used to throng around him. Now they consider him to be pariah not even giving him the due media coverage that he deserves. In fact, the media is these days just creating rumours about him saying the President is planning such and such things, without substantiating it. Musharraf is a human being and like any other person he has his faults. The least the media can do is to also mention the positive achievements he has done in the last eight years. Not all that happened in those eight years was entirely negative. The President is a symbol of our federation and the least the media can do is to get his perspective on the situation rather than relying on rumours about what he is doing or intends to do. -DINA JAFFAR, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, June 12.