ISLAMABAD - To encourage the youth of the country, the Ministry of Youth Affairs is going to present 'Outstanding Achievement Award' to 45 youngsters on August 12, 2008 for their best performance in respective disciplines. One year back,the Ministry of Youth Affairs had decided to launch 'Outstanding Achievement Award' for youth to encourage the youngsters for their best performance in their particular fields.  The same year, 2007) the ministry presented 'Outstanding Achievement Award' to 45 youngsters belonging to all over Pakistan. The five-member committee has also been established on the directives of the Youth Ministry in the current year. The committee would choose youngsters from different pastures, including agriculture, science and culture, management, education, engineering, entrepreneur and medical.  "Some days back we advertisement and offered youngsters to submit their documents to the committee", an official of the Youth Affairs Ministry told TheNation here on Saturday. He further explained that the first phase has been completed and the documents of youngsters have been received from all over the country. Now the committee members are busy in process of evolution. He said that the whole process of selection would be transparent; all committee members are experts and only the deserving youngsters would get the award.  "This programme would encourage youths in community development activities", he added. The official said that the ministry is not running any major project due to absences of youth policy, however, the draft of the policy has been sent to the parliamentarians for seeking comments and soon the policy would be announced.