LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board has announced Rs 3.9 billion budget for the fiscal year with main emphasis on cricket and development of infrastructure. Addressing a press conference here at the National Cricket Academy after the governing board meeting, PCB Chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf said that 62 percent of the budget have been reserved for cricket while 24 percent would be spent on development of infrastructure. "Last year 22 grounds were upgraded and in the next budget we have plans to develop 35 new grounds and re-fabricate 33 previously developed grounds spending two and a half million rupees," he added. He further said that they have set a target of 15 percent administrative expenditure and was glad to announce that the spending turned out to be 14.4 percent. "We have plans to reduce the administrative spending," he maintained. "The board has also voiced unanimous their concern over the government's plans to tax the PCB and would go ahead raising the issue with the chief patron or the prime minister because sports is exempt from any tax then why discrimination with sports," he said. On discipline and doping, he said that the board was of consensus on zero tolerance and discussed in detail the Mohammad Asif case. "They decided that if the fast bowler is found guilty by the fact-finding committee then all the expensive would be levied on Asif. They also approved the three-member committee and asked them to give their findings within two weeks time," said the PCB chief. He further informed that during the regional associations meeting president of Sialkot region moved a resolution and all approved and later it was decided that doping should also be checked at domestic level and the players should be educated. He further stated that the governing board also approved the purchase of 12 truck-mounted generators - six of 500 KV and six of 300 KV - for Punjab and Karachi. He said the coach, manager and the selection committee have been given instructions to apprise the board about the team's development on regular basis. To a question, he said that there was no authenticity in statements and the ICC was completely satisfied with the arrangements being put into place for the Champions Trophy. On the inaugural T-20 Super League next year, he said the board has approved its holding and all the cricket playing nations have shown their interest. "Once everything is final we would inform the ICC about the holding of the event," he added. He further said that board rejected a letter written by the sacked Director Special Projects Salim Altaf. "All the members endorsed the PCB's decision to fire Altaf according to the laid down procedure," he added.