KARACHI - The auction of the shops in Car Parking Plaza at Lines Area has now been connected to the development of the Preedy Street in the same vicinity due to the ongoing political and economical circumstances of the country. The auction of the dozens of shops and office in Car Parking Plaza made by CDGK had failed twice to attract the business community because without the completion of Preedy Street the said project is not beneficial for business fraternity, said a group of business community interested in the auction told The Nation on Saturday. The delay in construction of Preedy Street is affecting in the auction of shops and offices in the Parking Plaza in Lines area as the shattered confidence of the business community would be restored after opening the new access towards the Car Parking Plaza as far as the marketing and economical point of view is concerned. The opening of the street would not only open the area, restore the law and order situation but also increase the value of the property and also attract the business community to invest their valuable assets. It may be noted that Car parking Plaza in the Lines Area, has been completed and finishing work is going on these days its shops and offices had been planned twice for auction but due to various reasons including political and law and order situation in the city shops and offices could not be auctioned, despite CDGK hectic efforts all process of auction of Parking plaza's shops and offices twice failed. However, over all 88 shops at ground floor, 74 shops at Mezzanine, 60 offices at 6th floor and 60 offices and shops at 7th floor, have been completed which adjacent to the country's busiest shopping arena (Sadar, Empress Market)  but despite all these positive facts those shops and offices could not be auctioned so far. After failure of land department of CDG in auction of shops and offices now this task has been assigned to the EIP department of CDGK. The EIP department is reluctant to launch the auction process in haphazard way to avoid the third time failure and engaged to solve this matter which is violable for CDGK as far as collection of revenue is concerned. The much awaited Preedy street project in Lines area is still delaying over the shifting of the affectees of the project whom residences come in the alignment. The delay of the project creating massive traffic bottleneck at a main thoroughfare of metropolis M A Jinnah Road.  It was also considering that apartments to be built at empty plots in Lines Area and the effected families to be shifted in the newly establish apartments. But the decision on construction of the appeasement in Lines is yet to be taken and seriously considering in the CDGK high circles as an alternate option since the refusal of the effected residents, sources in the CDGK said. MA Jinnah Road is one of the main arteries of the city and traffic congestion on this road impact on the other important links roads and other parts of the city.   The construction of Preedy street not only resolve the traffic jam situation  at MA Jinnah Raod and adjoining areas but also help auction of shops and offices in the Lines Area Parking Plaza, as after opening the new diversion of the traffic increase the values of the shops and office and also put multiple positive effects to restore the confidence of business community, interested in auction process. It may be noted that MA Jinnah Road is a leading artery to the most important places of the city such as Sindh Secretariat, Sindh Assembly, Saddar, Empress Market, II Chundrigar Road where head offices of all leading banks, Central Police Office (CPO), Karachi port, Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan 's Customs House, Bolton Market, etc. The construction of Preedy Street, would remove massive traffic jam situation at MA Jinnah Road as traffic would be diverted behind Gurumandir, through its Jamshed road link, and few other links, such as behind Mausoleum of Quaid -e- Azam and Kashmir road and also provide an easy access to commuters to Sadar as well as Landi MAlir Korangi. The commuters come towards entire defunct district Central and defunct West, partly district East, come at MA Jinnah Road through Gurumandir, but when Preedy Street would be completed, traffic could be diverted at Preedy Street. Earlier it has been decided the affectees of Preedy Street would be shifted to Korangi sector 10, from Lines Area but it had been refused by the inmates of the Lines Area. The Work and Services department of city government had been resumed the construction work on the project of Preedy street, three years back, and also completed major portion of the project. But, since then the project was stopped mainly of the rehabilitation of the effected residents of Lines Area. The total length of the Preedy Street is 1.8 kilometre and its width is 100 ft. The total cost of the project was approximately 40 million, at that time. It maybe mentioned that 700 meter patch of Preedy Street after removal of the houses would not open a new corridor for the commuter but also help the CDGK to attract the business in the auction of Car Parking Plaza's shops and office.