Karachi (PPI) - Sindh Minister for Industries and Commerce Rauf Siddiqui has expressed his concern over the transfer of Pakistani capital to foreign countries for industrialization. This he said while talking to different delegations at his office on Saturday. He said that Pakistani industrialists and businessmen had shifted billions of rupees to foreign countries, particularly to Dubai for business purpose owing to poor law and order situation. He stressed the need to improve law and order and provide incentives to the business community so that shifting of this money could be halted. He also called on the federal and provincial governments to consult local industrialists in evolving state industrial policy to win their hearts. He said that Karachi, a largest city in Pakistan and seventh largest across the world, is generating 60 percent of total revenue of the country. He said that having a developed infrastructure, Karachi is drawing attention of foreigner investors. He said that basic infrastructure changes have been introduced in Karachi in order to develop the country and provide more facilities to masses. The minister said that many of problems being faced by Karachiites have been resolved. He said that Karachi has a special importance in Asian market as it has become a gateway to the central Asian states and Middle East. He said that Karachi, a city of 18 million population, is a hub for the consumption of local and foreign made products. Rauf Siddiqui also called for improving law and order in Karachi so as to attract foreign capital and create a peaceful environment for industrialisation.