The unprecedented mammoth gathering in Islamabad is over. Let us see how the government and the parliament respect the sentiments of people and accept their demands without wasting any time It is apprehended that as per old practice hidden hands of undemocratic powers from behind the curtain in the past, even today and may be tomorrow never allowed the political leadership to successfully  establish democracy in Pakistan. The worst part ever played was that whosoever attempted to bring political peace to nourish democracy on sound footings in the country for one and only objective of healthy environment, economic stability and growth of patriotic pride among the citizens was killed, hanged or pushed out unceremoniously, rather replaced with so called imported leadership. The past eight years of poor governance made the people undergo worst kind of crisis. The last elected government was pulled down on no transparent reasons. Now it is commonly believed that 'sincere' efforts are designed to flood the political alliance of the parties at national and regional levels so their agenda for people welfare is diverted to miseries of the past. Non issues are put on springboard so that the treatment of bleeding wounds may not find respite and the popular alliance may become unpopular. Impression is being created that the major political entities are agreed to disagree on issues of national importance. The political wrestling is put to show that the governing alliance is diverted to unhealthy and unproductive pursuits of little public benefits. The drum beaters of undemocratic forces have wickedly passed the fallout of their poor governance and have started watching and waiting to declare failure of democratic process since no noticeable relief has appeared in every day life. It seems to be a willful campaign that the new leadership is being involved in power game and the follies of the past imposed junta which actually put the country in today's disorder and dismay could easily escape claiming clean hands. The importance of collective wisdom and popular consensus is being maliciously put aside. The built in trust among the democratic entities is being subjected to odd challenges through various official and unofficial sources with a mala fide intentions to win ultimate victory for undemocratic forces to land in power again under so called alien influence. All the political, democratic and patriotic currents projected through media apparently give impression of the making and un-making agreements among leaders but looks to be failing to give new hopes of working for projects of national importance allowing the country survive under these challenges of worst disorder social, political and economic situation. It is fortunate enough that after a long spell of misrule the bright sun rise has appeared on the horizons of democracy in Pakistan. The people popular verdict expressed their full confidence in favor of established and well recognized political leadership of the country. The people are very jubilant to see Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani to grace the chair of prime minister of Pakistan. He is the coolest headed, well educated, seasoned and mature leader of good political vision coming out of conventional and traditional political family of sarieki region. It is indirect tribute to Asif Zardari for picking the right person to carry out the mission of the late Z A Bhutto and BB. It is also not less important that the alliance of Pakistan Muslim league N will work with the PPP and is a source of most reliable partner ship for carrying out the public welfare agenda conveniently. Both the parties are strengthened with wizards of varying disciplines who are fully competent to steer the parties in the best national interest. It is not to be ignored that the expectations are very high, the past misdeed are heaped high and time is short. The radical changes in policies at the national and international levels are urgently to be put to gear instead of reshuffling of bureaucracy to please individuals. Though some time politically difficult but it must be kept in mind the over loading of cabinets be discouraged to save the national wealth. The VIP culture must come to an end and cabinet members and parliamentarian be encouraged to avoid personal aggrandizement and do not misuse the thana culture to meet their vested interests. Holding big receptions with fabulous menus and luxurious frequent dinners and breakfast parties may not to be displayed in front of hungry masses. Tape cutting inauguration and ground-breaking ceremonies must be replaced with actual completion of the projects witnessing welfare designed for people. All good claims introducing good changes in the best public welfare must be announced publicly with promised change of rules through parliament otherwise it would give no lasting political mileage nor it will help people to retrieve them of their miseries. Besides it may not go unattended monitoring drum beaters of undemocratic rule and be pushed through popular vote to a point so that they could not dare to try their luck again. All conspiracies and designs of undemocratic elements be carefully watched and destroyed before they get a upper hand. The change in the constitution must be placed in the house for effective and lasting impact for building strong Pakistan. The writer is a freelance journalist E-mail: