TENS of thousands of revellers gathered at Stonehenge for an all-night party to celebrate the longest day of the year this morning - despite grey clouds that obscured the sun rise. English Heritage say 18,000 revellers descended on the site that is usually roped off to the public to witness dawn at exactly 4.43am. The event is significant for druids, who were joined by hippies, pagans and tourists as well as hordes of younger visitors in search of a good party. However the number of people who camped out overnight or arrived early to witness the dawn was down on previous years because of the poor weather and the solstice falling on a weekday. There was no beautiful sunrise into clear blue skies - heavy overnight rain gave way to overcast but dry skies as the sun rose, greeted by cheering and applause. The self-styled King Arthur Pendragon, the veteran druid who led the event, said it had passed off smoothly. 'We didnt get a great sunrise but it was dry, he said. 'Everyone seems happy with the result. It is great to see the stones being used in this way, as opposed to the usual manner with tourists being herded around. MO