ISLAMABAD - Former senator and ex-president of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Dilawar Abbas was elected vice president of Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) in its annual general council meeting recently held at Tashkent. Talking to TheNation, Dilawar Abbas said Pakistan was facing international sporting isolation and it was the duty of each and every individual to help the country bring international sports back. "My main aim of accepting this post at the Asian Tennis was, try to bring ITF circuit events back to Pakistan like I did during my tenure as president PTF, when for the first time in the Pakistan Tennis history a total of eight international tournaments including three men's future, two women's future and three ITF Junior international events were played in Pakistan in 2008. Dilawar said Pakistan tennis team took part in the first Islamic Solidarity Games in Saudi Arabia in 2005 and won three gold and one bronze medal. He said Pakistan for the first time in their tennis history in 2005 qualified for the World Group Playoffs against Chile, who were at that time the Olympic gold medallists. He said although Pakistan lost 5-0 but that was a big achievement in a sense that nobody even thought of playing in World Group stage at that time. It is because of Dilawar Abbas that this tennis complex in Islamabad was constructed and with his personal efforts a huge amount of Rs 35 million was spent on the construction of the centre court stadium, four practicing courts, gym, PTF offices block, players dressing and changing rooms, 10-bed hostel and PSB has promised to build four synthetic courts which were not constructed as no body peruse after Dilawar Abbas lost PTF President's election. Four synthetic courts were built at Bagh-e-Jinnah, Punjab Coaching Centre, where sitting area, dressing room, changing room and other facilities were provided owing to Dilawar Abbas' active help. The construction work on another facility at Nishter Park Sports Complex (Qaddafi Stadium) was also started in Dilawars tenure. It has a sitting capacity of 1,500 spectators and equipped with holding all kinds of international events. This project was started with the combined efforts of President Punjab Lawn Tennis Association Iftikhar Ahmad Rao. It is also pertinent to mention that holding Asia Cup Tennis Tournament on the lines of grand slam was planned, keeping in view the larger interest of Asian players in general and local players in particular. A request was also sent to Sindh CM to have land for tennis complex but after formation of new body at PTF this plan was not followed. Dilawar Abbas questioned PTF's decision of holding Davis Cup camp for the upcoming crucial tie against South Korea at PAF Complex. According to him, it is totally wrong as nobody can have access to it. He questioned what the reason of holding that camp so secretly was and when there was more than enough space at the helm of PTF what forced PTF high command to shift the camp rather than holding it at PTF Complex. He said: "Jalil Riaz was brought from US to coach the Davis Cup team. He should have been properly introduced with the media and the other related persons so everybody could watch themselves the techniques and methods of this coach, but unfortunately PTF bosses have made this controversial by creating hurdles in general public who wanted to see their stars and show the rest of the world that sporting activities are continuing unabated in Pakistan." Dilawar Abbas vowed to help PTF in every possible way. He said "doors are open like past. Whenever the federation or players needed me I would be available for them."