NEW YORK A former domestic servant for the Indian Consul General in New York has filed a lawsuit saying he took her passport and intimidated her into a year of forced labour, where she was subjected to long hours of work with little pay, according to a US media report. The servant, Santosh Bhardwaj, said in her lawsuit on Monday that she finally escaped the arrangement after Consul General Prabhu Dayal made what she thought was an inappropriate sexual advance by allegedly asking her to massage his legs. She said she had been getting paid $300 per month far less than the $10 per hour in her contract. Dayal denied that Bhardwaj had been paid any less than what she was promised, or that he did anything to keep her in his household against her will. He also expressed anger that she had absconded from the job without warning and said he had never, ever asked her to give me a massage. This is a lie. I keep the passports of my family members because I dont want them to be lost or misplaced, Dayal said. Both sides describe an abrupt end to a work relationship that had, until last year, been uneventful. Before coming to the U.S., Bhardwaj worked for Dayals family off-and-on for five years in India, Morocco and Mexico. In 2009, she agreed to work at his Manhattan residence under a contract that guaranteed her $10 per hour for 40 hours of service per week. But when she arrived, the suit claims, Dayal confiscated her travel documents, had her sleep in a storage room, and worked her from morning to night, seven days a week with no overtime pay and no days off. Her salary, according to the lawsuit, wasnt paid directly; Dayal deposited the money in an account in India that she couldnt access from the U.S. Very little money came through, the suit said. Bhardwajs lawyers said the pay, made in rupees, amounted to an average of $300 per month. Dayals wife, Chandini Dayal, repeatedly threatened to send Ms. Bhardwaj back to India if she did not do as told, or did not work faster, the suit said. Dayals lawyer, Ravi Batra, called Bhardwaj ungrateful and claimed she had violated the terms of her visa by quitting her post with the family to work for someone else.