LAHORE The gruesome double-murder of a 60-year-old woman and her teenage daughter took a new turn on Tuesday when the initial autopsy report revealed that they were suffocated to death and not stabbed. The decomposed bodies of Surayya Bibi and her 18-year-old daughter Munazza Bibi were recovered from their Ittehad Colony residence on Monday afternoon. The old divorcee was residing with her daughter in their 2-marla house. There was not even a single stab wound found on the dead bodies. Its surprising as it has contradicted our initial findings, Investigating Officer Ghulam Abbas told this reporter at the City morgue on Tuesday. According to the initial findings of the autopsy report, he said, the experts have established that the victims were suffocated. The killer(s) put pieces of cloth into their mouths and suffocated them to death, Inspector Abbas said, while quoting the findings of the report. Following their autopsy, the police handed over the bodies to one Shahhid Hussain, the brother of the deceased old woman, Surayya Bibi. On Tuesday night, he took the dead bodies to their native town Kabirwala district Khanewal, where they would be buried on Wednesday (today). The investigator further said that the attackers killed the woman and her daughter in a cold blood. They killers, police said, planned and executed the killings very carefully. He also said that the police could not get any solid clue or evidence to reach to conclusion so far but was confident that the mystery would be resolved very soon. 'We cannot make the clues public at this stage. But we have something in hand to reach near to those who committed the double murder, Abbas maintained. On Monday, local residents noticed the stench emanating from the small house, where the old woman was residing along with her young daughter. They called in the police and disclosed the happening to the police investigators. Police entered the house and witnessed the mother and her daughter lying dead close to each other inside the house. The dead bodies were partially decomposed and apparently it seemed that both the woman and her daughter were killed some four to five days ago. Earlier, the police claimed that unidentified killers repeatedly and brutally stabbed the old woman and her daughter to death. The girl, Munazza Bibi, was working at a beauty saloon situated in Ghaziabad to earn living for them while her mother used to work in different houses in the area as housemaid. The main gate of the house was not locked. One of their neighbors entered the house after noticing stench, and found the woman lying dead. Later, a good number of people gathered outside the house after the neighbor witnessed the dead body and made hue and cry. Police investigators termed the gruesome killings as 'blind murders and said that they were investigating to unearth the killers. Police sources said that apparently it seemed that deceased were familiar with the killers, who managed to enter their house fled away quietly after killing them. The police have also registered the double-murder case against unidentified killers. Sources said the investigators are also collecting record of the cellular phone of the deceased beautician to unearth the killers, who murdered them in a cold blood. The police investigating with no arrest made so far.