OUR STAFF REPORTER SIALKOT - Criticising the recent joining of PML-N by the Variyos of Sialkot, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the political jugulars (the Varios) were busy in political circus in Sialkot adding that they had badly shattered the masses trust by changing their political loyalties. She made these comments while addressing a meeting of the party workers held here on Tuesday, which was held in connection with the election campaign of PPP candidate Ch. Shaukat Wazir Ali in constituency (LA-32, Jammu III Sialkot). She went on saying that the day of June 26 would dawn with news of victory of the PPP in AJK general elections. Dr Firdous Ashiq said that such political 'jugulars would definitely face defeat in AJK Legislative Assembly general elections, adding that the masses had now become fed up with such politicians. She urged the people to held accountability of such politicians for shattering the public confidence by changing their political loyalties. PPP Punjab President Imtaiz Safdar Warraich, MPAs Tahir Mehmood Hundali Advoacte, Dr. Tanveerul Islam, Malik Tahir Akhtar Awan, PPP candidates Shaukat Wazir Ali (LA- 32 Jammu-III Sialkot), Maqbool Ahmed (LA- 31 Jammu-II Sialkot), PPP leaders Ghulam Abbas former provincial minister, Barrister Raja Amir Khan, Nadeem Asghar Kaira (Gujrat) and Ejaz Samma (Wazirabad) were also present. She strongly criticised the PML-N Sialkot leadership regarding the local people, alleging that the PML-N had been ruling Sialkot for the last six decades, but its local leaders did nothing for the socio-economic development and welfare of the people, but just kept on deceiving the masses. On the other hand, while addressing the election meeting of PML-N candidate Muhammad Ishaq of village Tilakpur-Sialkot (LA- 32 Jammu-III Sialkot) held at Sialkot citys congested Talwara Mugalan locality, PML-N Central Leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif also strongly criticised Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan for her mounted political interference in the AJK Legislative Assembly general elections in constituency (LA- 32 Jammu-III Sialkot). He said that neglecting the President Zardaris clear direction regarding asking the PPP ministers not to participate in electioneering of the PPP candidates for June 26, 2011 AJK Legislative Assembly general elections, she was wholeheartedly busy in the running the election campaign of the PPP candidate. He said that now the Presidency should check her activities in this regard. Khawaja Asif revealed that the political companions of Perviaz Musharraf, hinting at Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, were now in the PPP camps and they were completely enjoying the power while sitting in the government. He said that Musharrafs political companions have now become the political remains of Musharraf and they were now even sucking the blood of the oppressed people.