Our Staff Reporter KHAN GARH - The Irrigation Department warning to people to dismantle their illegal structures in three days has spread panic among the locals who have been living in the area for the last 15 to 20 years. Addressing a press conference here, Nawabzada Saifullah Khan said that the Irrigation Department had issued a verbal notice for the removal of all illegal structures along the embankments voluntarily in three days. He said that the step taken by the department was admirable but its dark side was that people who were living in the since last 15 to 20 years would become displaced which would be great injustice with them. He pointed out that these people had constructed these houses in the area due to lack of awareness and inaction of the department concerned officials at that time. He appealed to the Punjab government to first take action against the officials who remained silent at the time of the construction of these houses. He also appealed to the Punjab government to take notice of the plight of these poor people and either compensate or allocate alternative place for their rehabilitation.