Pakistans ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani said that challenges existing in US-Pak relations are being worked out and the US needs to show patience to the emerging democratic process in Pakistan. The envoy noted that the US-Pakistan relationship has some strengths and many challenges. We are working on the challenges. I think what is needed is for the Americans to show patience to the emerging democratic process in Pakistan and understand that all the concerns you have about public opinion, adherence to the rule of lawet cetera. in the context of the United States should also be applied to Pakistan, Haqqani told The Washington Times in an interview. You cannot have the attitude that Pakistan should just do anything on demand whereas the American side while delivering anything for Pakistan has to go through a process, he said He said it is through demonstration of mutual respect that the two countries can forge a long-term relationship.Both countries have their respective processes. We need to show respect for each others processes. We need to show respect for each others people and then develop a partnership that is long term, Haqqani said. On Americas reputation in Pakistan, the ambassador said it is something that the US has to work on in order to change public opinion and to ensure that the Pakistani people feel the benefits of the US-Pakistan partnership.It is a consistent phenomenon for several years that Pakistanis have not looked upon the United States as a reliable friend ever since the United States walked away from Pakistan in the aftermath of the war with the Soviets, Haqqani explained.Questioned about value of the bilateral relationship, Ambassador Haqqani said the US was Pakistans largest trading partner and a major supplier of sophisticated conventional weapons for Pakistan. There are almost a million people of Pakistan living in the United States and above all we are both democracies committed to strengthening democracy around the world.Regarding Islamabads policy toward Afghanistan, the diplomat reaffirmed that Pakistan has always been supportive of the Afghan-led reconciliation process in that country. Pakistan would like to see a stable Afghanistan, he said.