Marvi Memon has resigned from her seat in the National Assembly and from the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q). Speaking to the media, Marvi Memon said that she took the decision in protest of the PML-Q joining the government and in opposition of the budget which was against the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. She added that current government was working against the people of Pakistan and the PML-Q leaders did not live up to the voters by leaving the opposition and joining the government. "The PML-Q did not correct the disastrous course of the government," she said. The statement read out by Marvi Memon listed the government as being inadequate, not serving the people, not responding to natural disasters, not protecting the country's sovereignty and depriving people of basic human rights. Marvi Memon added that under these circumstances she could no longer be a member of the National Assembly and that she would not take back her resignations under any circumstance. She however did say that her struggle for justice would continue on the streets and in courts. Marvi said she tried to prevail upon the party leaders to change their decision, but in vain. She said under the circumstances there was no other option left with her except resignation on the occasion of voting for budget, as she said abstaining from the budget vote will be equivalent to approving it. She said she has no intentions for joining any other party.