LAHORE - The Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan on Tuesday said the generals and corps commanders should keep the army away from politics as governing the country is not their job. MJAHP chief Senator Prof Sajid Mir said change in the country should be brought about through political process, and the armed forces should not play any role in it. Delivering a lecture at Hameed Nizami Hall, he alleged that the present rulers had become what he called a security threat and should be removed at the earliest. However, he reinstated that political process should be used for the required change. The MJAHP is an ally of the PML-N and Prof Mir is a member of the upper house of parliament because of the support extended by the party of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Without naming anyone but leaving no doubt that he was referring to Gen Kayani, the MJAHP chief said Mr Zardari came to power because of the NRO negotiated by the United States and Pakistans then ISI chief. It is because of that 'bargain, he said, that the president was safeguarding the US interests. The leader from Sialkot said political and military leaders who were supposed to have the drone attacks halted were accepting the same, which amounts to violating the resolution passed by parliament. He said it was regrettable that foreign agents arrested or detained by agencies were subsequently released. About the conduct of Pakistans ambassador to the US, he said, he was the one who was giving assurances that those arrested on the charge of spying for the US on the occasion of Abbottabad episode would be treated in a 'friendly way. Such people, he said, were not friends of the country. Enemys friend is also enemy, he said, apparently referring to the Pakistani ambassador. He said Mr Nawaz Sharif was also among those who had brought Mr Zardari to power. However, he said, it appeared that the PML-N chief was now changing his thinking. The MJAHP chief also called on Nawa-i-Waqt Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami.