OUR STAFF REPORTER CHINIOT - Millat-e-Jafaria Pakistan leader Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi appealed to the nation to unit on a single platform for stability and integration of Pakistan, criticising loadshading of electricity and gas and shortage of patrol. He also said that the government had failed to quell terrorism while addressing a press conference in Kulia Ahele Bait. He said, Our county is passing through critical circumstances. Suicide attacks have killed thousands of innocent people. America is the biggest terrorist in the world. She was killing dozens innocent citizens almost everyday by drone attacks. She is planning to control nuclear assets of the country. He also addressed a congregation of at Khatme Nubuwat Chowk. Divisional president Syed Muhammad Raza Shahd, Kulia Ahle Bait Qazi Ghulam Principal Murtaza, Mauala Kalabe Hussain Shia Ulema Council District President Syed Ali Imran were also present.